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Create and Load Modular Xcerpt Projects - Screencast

To actually start writing Modular Xcerpt programs one has to create a Reuseware project first. The project consists of four folders, each of which expects special files. These folders are explained in the screencast.

The "composers" folder needs special scripts, so-called composers, that create a normal Xcerpt program from the Modular Xcerpt program and its modules. These composers are not automatically included and must be added manually. This is because Reuseware projects can also handle other extended languages, for example Modular Datalog (not explained here). For each language the according composers must be added to the "composers" folder. The Xcerpt composers are, of course, available for Download. They can just be dragged and dropped onto the project. This is similar to the procedure of loading projects as explained below.

Loading existing projects is not yet supported. However, one can easily drag and drop an existing project onto a newly created Reuseware Project in the Package Explorer. This is also illustrated in the screencast. In the screencast, the composers are already contained in the example project and need not be copied seperately. Sample projects are also available for Download.

If the project contains no errors, an Xcerpt program is created from the main Modular Xcerpt program and its modules. The screencast shows how this program can be executed using the Xcerpt interpreter that has been registered in a previous step.

Note that the automatic build works only if the option "Build Automatically" in the "Project" menu is set. This is the default behaviour of Eclipse.