Reuseware Composition Framework
Components, Modules, Aspects or something new?
Introduce new Composition Techniques into your Language of Choice with Reuseware!

Reuseware Reference Documentation

Below you can find documentations of various features of Reuseware for users and developers of composition systems. For tutorial like documentation, check out the applications page. For the theoretical background, have a look at our publications.


  • Reuseware User Guide (PDF) (incomplete)
  • Reuseware User Guide (HTML) (incomplete)
  • Jendrik's theses: As long as the user guide is incomplete, you may refer to this thesis. In particular to the following sections:
    • Chapter 7: Reuseware Overview
    • Section 4.2.: Defining fragment collaborations (fracol)
    • Section 5.3.: Defining component models (REXcm)
    • Section 6.2. - 6.4.: Universal Composition Language (UCL)
    • Section 6.5.: Defining your own composition languages (REXcl)

Old Documentation